Why Facebook? Not Muxlim?

Salam. This time, abah want to blog in English with a lot of grammatical error, sorry. To all my friends, brothers and sisters, young and mature. The next time you are going to open your favourite social network site ‘Facebook’, please… pretty please, do open “muxlim.com” too. It is a muslim lifestyle network. Similar to facebook but a bit slower and less content. The thing is, it is founded by Mohamed El-Fatatry (Founder & Chief Executive Officer). Please read about him in the Muxlim team section.


Haszlee M. Safuan, Senior Graphic Designer
En. Haszlee M. Safuan (Senior Graphic Designer of Muxlim.net)

Yeah! Go Haszlee… Go Haszlee…

Muxlim.com contact address:

Global Headquarter:
Muxlim Inc.
Hiilikatu 3
00180 Helsinki
+358 50 355 3574

So, what are we muslim waiting for?… start to convert to muxlim.com social network.

Sorry Dear Mark ElliotZuck” Zuckerberg (Zuckerberg was born in White Plains, New York to Karen, a psychiatrist, and Edward, a dentist. Mark, along with his three sisters, was raised in Dobbs Ferry, New York. His parents are Jewish, but he considers himself an atheist) of Facebook.

(Fikir-fikirlah sendiri ye…)

Please do not be offended. I’m just persuading all my dear muslim brothers and sisters to leave a jew based platform to a muslim based one. Sorry again.

OH! Is that Yuna? Featured in Muxlim.com? Wow!


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