What Do You Do When Your Children Need A Break?

Salam. Frankly said, children nowadays are not similar to the olden days. During my childhood, we were not forced to grew up prematurely. We often had plenty of time to play and do what we like to do. We play top spin, we play almost anything that we can get our hands on them.

Children nowadays are like a small pc that are waiting to be programmed. They frequently clueless if we leave them with nothing to do. Lack of imagination and tends to sit around waiting for something interesting. I use to switch off the tv set and pc and other modes of electronic games. It takes sometime before they start looking for old toys, books and other siblings to play with.

This lack of imagination scenario tends to envelope them when they grow up later on. Many youngsters today has very little imagination on problem solving. They behave like little kids who waits for something to happen. They loiter at interesting places to them and waits until the day turn to night and then go home (vice versa). When they happen to get into a higher learning institute, they just wait to be spoon feed. Where has the creativity gone to?

Life is about solving problems day in and day out. When you need to go to point b from point a, you need to plan your route. Any rash decision will either ruin your day or perhaps creates more problems.

Parents must help you children to understand what are your children’s capabilities and talents. And to make them understand that they are no easy way of getting things done. They have to be prepared to fail and never to be upset by that. Get up and try again. Seek own potential and be happy with it.

Best of all, do get them to play outside and make friends. Growing up is to be part of something. Be a part of society, friends, family and country. Your children decision might change the course of this country’s future.


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