How Can A Problem Be Solve If U Still Live In The Problem?

Salam. As the topic mentioned, many of us feels sad, angry, silly, bore to death with current social ills that occurred around the globe. Put your mind in outer space for a moment and look down to earth.

Hey, you, me and the rest of the billions of people live on the same planet. Imagine that earth is a balloon and every social ills are blunt needles poking deeper and deeper on the balloon. Sooner or later it will pop.

Same with world problems. Bad politics, war, greeds and all the bad stuff combined together… it slowly ruin the earth.

Okay, look at simple ordinary event. A human live on earth. First, he need food. Some plants and animals had to be sacrificed for that cause. Next, he need a shed. Some trees and mud need to be sacrificed. Clothing will come to his mind. Some animals and plants has to give in. Best of all, what he leaves behind was his faeces and fart that pollutes the air. In the name of development, he use his brain to make his daily live better by the day.

Same situation now. We need to develop ourselves and we need more and more everyday. The idea of becoming rich comes from the need to store things for the future. When a man afraid that tomorrow there will be nothing left for him to eat, wear, live in, extracting his leftover and pollute the air, he will start keeping things (in modern case… money), so that his life will be better prepared tomorrow.

In the end, without realising, we become slaves to our jobs. Same routine day in day out only to realise that we became older and still not enough money to be happy with.

When are we going to stop thinking this way? We keep on working and saving money for this and that without realising that we have less time to know the truth why we live in this world.

Is there a system where money is not the main target daily? A country where money is necessary but not vital? A country that have enough money all year round.  Everybody in the country were given equal amount in their pocket daily. All will spend moderately. Everybody do not need to drive. There always a transport for all to anywhere. Equal place for all citizens to stay. Everybody works but they are not greedy to reaps more benefits that others. And many more…

Well, tell u the truth… there are a lot of place that applied this system. They are called factory and the citizens are called robots.

That means, as long as there are humans in this lonely planet earth, you will see greeds, bad politics, social ills and etc. that comes along with the good sides of human.

So, the answer for the topic is, …. think on your own. You have brain too.


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