Kids Stuff (Untuk Kanak-Kanak)

Salam to all. I know that there are many parents with young children wanted to let their children use the internet as a medium of learning. However, over the time, you realised that your children often found websites that were not suitable to them. It was like letting them crossed a jungle full of ferocious animals while hoping that they will be safe to reach the other end of the forest.

Me, as a parent in Malaysia suffer the same thing as billion other parents worldwide. So, what can we do?

Firstly, what I did was subscribing to internet browser build specially for kids. Among all the browsers, I chooses ‘kidzui’ due to the software appearance, security features, contents and reports directly to parents email. But, this browser does not come with drawbacks.

This browser needs to be initialised by parents. You have to add more bookmarks to My Favourites button located at the top right hand corner. It is also a bit heavy on graphic and expect it to be a little bit slower than other browsers. Once you click a link, the tabs on the left side will change as well as the tabs at the tops. A bit confusing for an adult beginner… just imagine how complicated it was for a kid.

Anyway, parents must praise the founder of this software. At least they worked their best to produce this very attractive browser.

Secondly, there are many local and international sites that are suitable for kids. Parents need to spend more effort searching for all this. I found this site that have many links to children safe sites. Even that parents must check upper-hand the reliability and trustworthiness of all the link sites.

Even though this site does not look impressive, its links still work. If your kids have a computer, you can make this as the default page in their browser.

Well then, good luck in finding more sites for your children. I highly recommend ‘kidzui’ for a starter.


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