Teaching Your Children To Respect Time

Salam. Do you really believe in bells? Well, what I mean is school bells. Do you know what bells makes you? It is among non living things that a human respects and follows without much fuss. IT TEACH YOU TO RESPECT TIME. When the first bells ring, it’s time for a school assembly. Follows by another to go into classroom. It keeps going on periodically until the time to go home. Day after day, weeks after weeks throughout the year.

What if one day, the school principal decides to stop using the bell for a day. What do you think will happen? Chaos perhaps? Most probably the best answer is a majority of the school children does not have a clue when a subject period must end and another teacher will come in to bring a new lesson. The point here is we human are so used to the sound of a bell as a method to tell time, to attract attention to an announcement, to sound an alarm and many others.

I used to live with bells sound during my stint at boarding schools. It rang when you need to wake up. Again for breakfast, for school time, during school period, end of school day, end of lunch time, went for school prep, for sport up to the time when you need to shut the light out for a good night sleep.

It did teach us about the time we have and programmed us to do what we supposed to do section by section. It helped us to discipline ourselves to prepare what to do next.

When we grow up and start working in an office, you seldom hear that type of bells. What you hear is many different type of phone ringing tones, door access card chime, computer start up tone and many others. Are we still a discipline worker and a human that respect time? Yes we do.

So, do we still think that school bells is a necessity in school in order to teach children to respect time? Is there any other method other than bells that can be implement to do the same job but with more humane? Children are not cows. They are not a little kittens that become curious with the bells around their neck. Why can’t a children be taught the necessity of respecting the time by softer chime or perhaps other natural sound such as cock-a-doodle-do, so that the children knows that they are human and they have to learn to control time.

Such action to put harsh bells sound do give a little bit of inferiority complex to then until their age turns 17. From 7-17 years old (10 years of schooling), they were programmed by bells. Does it makes them a better human later on?




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